Welcome IntelliConnect!

Wolters KluwerYesterday Wolters Kluwer announced the launch of IntelliConnect™, a first implementation of their Global Atlas platform. Global Atlas works now for CCH in the US but it is designed to provide the foundations for further expansion of Wolters Kluwer’s online business accross the globe.

Amsterdam and Riverwoods, Ill. (April 2, 2009) – Wolters Kluwer, a market-leading global information services and publishing company focused on professionals, today announced the first commercial implementation of its Global Atlas online content delivery and publishing platform, with the launch of IntelliConnect™ in the U.S. tax, accounting, legal, and business markets. IntelliConnect is an innovative research platform that introduces unprecedented ease of use into the professional research process where U.S.-based customers of the Tax, Accounting & Legal division will be the first to benefit. The research platform will be implemented next in the division’s Asia Pacific, U.K., and Canadian markets.

Global Atlas is an electronic content delivery and publishing platform for Wolters Kluwer’s products and services, integrating the company’s content throughout the customers’ workflow. Its leading-edge design in search and content publishing technologies will enable professionals to deliver innovative and superior solutions to their customers. […]

IntelliConnect™ and Global Atlas itself have been created by many great, customer-oriented people. Guys, this is really a great, rewarding moment to see Global Atlas in action. Congratulations. I wish IntelliConnect™ a great success.


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